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Mar 31 2007

Ruby GUI Toolkit Talk: Notes and Audio

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On March 27th I gave a talk at the St. Louis Ruby User Group about Ruby GUI Toolkits. As with my last few talks, there were no slides, but rather a handout. The original handout fit tightly on a single, two-sided printed page; I’ve expanded the materials slightly and pasted them here. I also recorded […]

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Jan 09 2007

I have seen the future, and it runs OSX

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iPhone: Wow It’s a phone. It’s a PDA. It’s an iPod. It’s a widescreen video iPod. It has zero physical buttons, rather the whole front is a multi-touch-screen. I’ll leave the rest of the raving to the many other sites doing a great job of that. The real innovation of this new device is the […]

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Nov 10 2006

Java Scripting Talk – Code, Notes, and Audio

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Last night (9 Nov 2006) at the St. Louis Java User Group, I gave a talk on “Scripting Your Java Application”. As I mentioned, there were no slides, but rather a handout, the text of which is pasted below. You can download the handout (a tight, one page PDF), the code, audio of the talk […]

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Apr 30 2006

“Looping” an audio file with Sox, Lame and mkfifo

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Today I needed a very long (3 hour) MP3 audio file to use for an experiment; a test file with some music on it. My first thought was to start a MP3 audio recorder, turn on the radio, and leave for 3 hours. But impatience is among the three great virtues of a programmer, so […]

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Mar 31 2006

Make a DVD with ffmpeg

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For a project we have going at Oasis Digital, we have explored various libraries for creating video DVDs from computer-generated content until program/script control. There are quite a few ways to do this; one that is appealing for a command-line junkie is the combination of ffmpeg, dvdauthor, and mkisofs. It took considerable research to figure […]

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Mar 14 2006

Slider Control for Touch-Screen Applications

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An improved version of this post is cross-posted on the Oasis Digital blog. At Oasis Digital we are working on an application that will run on a touch-screen computer, and which will be used to (among other things) control an audio amplification system. There are some design considerations for touch-screen applications which are rather stark […]

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