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Oct 19 2008

Network / System Monitoring Smorgasbord

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At one of my firms (a Software as a Service provider), we have a Zabbix installation in place to monitor our piles of mostly Linux servers. Recently we look a closer look at it and and found ample opportunities to monitor more aspects, of more machines and device, more thoroughly. The prospect of increased investment […]

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Apr 11 2007

High Quality Screen Recordings

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At Oasis Digital we’ve found that we can communicate effectively with each other and with customers, across time and space, using screen + audio recording (also called screencasts or screen videos). We use these to demonstrate a new feature, to explain how code works, to described how a new feature should work, etc. The communication […]

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Mar 14 2006

The J2EE / Rails / TurboGears / etc. Video

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Lots of people are linking to this excellent video (presentation and screencast) by Sean Kelly at JPL (380 megabyte, 30+ minutes, worth it): Watch it all the way through. Wow. It’s a little over-the-top in its J2EE example; but the disparity is still stark… and near to my heart as we have a time […]

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Mar 14 2006

Slider Control for Touch-Screen Applications

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An improved version of this post is cross-posted on the Oasis Digital blog. At Oasis Digital we are working on an application that will run on a touch-screen computer, and which will be used to (among other things) control an audio amplification system. There are some design considerations for touch-screen applications which are rather stark […]

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