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May 24 2010

I’m Dreaming of a Better Social Media Client

Published under Technology

I’m not a big social media guy. I’m certaintly not a social media consultant, nor a maven. I never used MySpace at all, and I was not among the first to use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. But I do find all of those useful to keep in touch with a bunch of people using all […]

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Mar 27 2010

Why Choose Custom Software?

Published under Business

To meet the software needs of your business, there are two main paths: Buy software “off the shelf” Build custom software (in-house, or with a development firm) In most cases, off-the-shelf makes the most sense, and it should be your default choice: Acquiring and deploying off-the-shelf software is usually faster than getting custom software developed. […]

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Oct 01 2007

Fix It So It Stays Fixed: An Example

Published under Technology

A recurring theme in our projects is a desire to “fix things so they stay fixed”. I have in mind writing about that idea in detail later, but for now I’ll start with an example of how to do so. A common and useful thing to do with disk storage space is to keep old […]

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Feb 16 2007

National Geographic Chartjunk

Published under Technology

National Geographic generally has lots of high quality content, with very high production values and attention to detail in layout and design. Keeping that in mind, I noticed this chart, below in the Feb. 2007 issue on page 56: This, sadly, is an example of what Edward Tufte calls “chartjunk”. It contains extraneous elements that […]

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Nov 07 2006

Label Placement in Forms… I was wrong.

Published under Technology

In the process of designing “forms” in applications (both web based and rich client), I’ve had several discussions about where field labels should be located on the screen relative to the labeled fields. I’ve usually pushed hard for left-aligned labels, to the left of the fields, because this looks most tidy to me; I assumed […]

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Aug 30 2006

YouTube’s 45 Terabytes… no big deal?

Published under Business

Over at the Wall Street Journal and Micro Persuasion and and a bunch of other places, a big deal is being made of the YouTube’s estimated 45 Terabytes worth of video. It is “about 5,000 home computers’ worth”. Ouch, 45 Terabytes! Wow! Or maybe not… consider the mathematics. 45 TB really isn’t all that […]

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