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Sep 04 2014

Taking CSS Seriously

Published under Technology

At Oasis Digital, we have spent much of our effort over the last several years creating complex “single page” web applications. There is much to say about that, but today I’m writing about one specific sliver: styling the application pages with CSS. To do good work at scale when using CSS to style an application (versus a […]

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Dec 07 2013

Code Reviews – Use a gate, not a drive-by

Published under Technology

Does your team / project use code reviews? If not, I suggest starting today. There are countless resources online about how and why to do code reviews; there are numerous code review tools, open source and commercial. Who should review code? A great question, perhaps for other blog posts. When should code be reviewed? Hopefully also […]

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May 31 2013

Opaque Binary Formats are Terrible

Published under Technology

I’m looking at you, Crystal Reports! Opaque binary file formats for development assets are a scourge on the software development community. Here’s some context. At Oasis Digital we typically work on complex enterprise data systems. These systems have a long life, with multiple (or many) developers working concurrently and over time. These systems are important […]

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Nov 18 2011

Basics: Formatting Numbers for Tabular Display

Published under Technology

Here is the first, in hopefully a series, of posts about basic software design. Though not nearly as sexy as a location-based mobile social network with behavioral profiling for ad optimization (probably a real thing), doing basic software design well is one of our “secrets” at Oasis Digital. So here goes. Today’s topic is how […]

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Oct 29 2010

In the Arena

Published under Business

Almost every day at some point I wander over to Hacker News, which has some great discussion, along with some less great discussion, among people pursuing or aspiring to pursue a software startup or similar business. Likewise with local events (like ITEN STL offers), and even more so the Business of Software conference earlier this […]

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Aug 19 2010

I Admire the Ruby Community

Published under Business

(I have cross-posted this to the Oasis Digital blog.)   Over the last year or so, I’ve spent perhaps 50 hours rethinking what kind of business Oasis Digital should be. I’ve studied business models. I’ve made spreadsheets. I’ve looked around that numerous other consulting firms. The results of all that… are slowly emerging. Stay tuned. In […]

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