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Dec 07 2013

Code Reviews – Use a gate, not a drive-by

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Does your team / project use code reviews? If not, I suggest starting today. There are countless resources online about how and why to do code reviews; there are numerous code review tools, open source and commercial. Who should review code? A great question, perhaps for other blog posts. When should code be reviewed? Hopefully also […]

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May 23 2011

Upcoming Talk: Lua on iPhone and Android (using Corona)

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This Thursday (May 26, 2011), I will give a talk at the St. Louis Mobile Dev group on cross-mobile-platform development with Lua. There are various ways to do this (including rolling your own), but for simplicity I’m using Ansca’s Corona product. As usual, I’ll zoom through some slides, and concentrate instead on the code. For some […]

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Jun 23 2010

Write your whole stack in JavaScript with Node.JS

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Node is a combination of Google’s V8 JavaScript implementation, and various plumbing and libraries. The result is an unusual and clever server programming platform. Node is in a fairly early development phase, and already has a remarkably active community: ~9000 mailing list messages (as of June 2010) and many dozens of projects and libraries. I’ve […]

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May 19 2010

The Prolog Story

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I’ve told this story in person dozens of times, it’s time to write it down and share it here. I’ve again experimentally recorded a video version (below), which you can view on a non-Flash device here. The Prolog Story from Kyle Cordes on Vimeo. I know a little Prolog, which I learned in college – […]

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May 07 2010

When Will It Ship? Estimates and Promises

Published under Business

I’m trying something new with this post: a short video presentation of approximately the same content. Here is an area of confusion that has come up both at Oasis Digital, and at every other firm I’ve worked: estimate ≠ promise Background: Unpredictability Around half of my software development and leadership experience has been in enterprise/internal […]

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Mar 13 2010

My First Emacs (plus Slime, Swank, Clojure) on Mac OSX

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Emboldened a talk that Ryan Senior gave at the St. Louis Lambda Lounge (now available as a video), I grabbed the most popular two Emacs versions for Mac OSX: Aquamacs GNU Emacs 23.1 and set up each on my Macbook Pro (10.6.2). For each Emacs, I also set up SLIME, Swank, and Clojure. If that […]

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