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Sep 13 2017

TypeScript as ES2015/ES2016+ compiler

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I frequently encounter packages on NPM which bring in Babel to compile ES2015/2016+ down to older JavaScript suitable for a wider range of browsers. Babel is a very effective tool for this, it has been around quite a long time, and is highly configurable and flexible in future ready. It has an amazing community and […]

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Feb 26 2017

Pug (formerly Jade), in the browser?

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  Over at Oasis Digital Angular Boot Camp, we teach Angular 2+ using tooling that operates entirely in the browser. It compiles TypeScript to JavaScript, it processes a module system, etc. This works very well, and makes for a fast, easy setup and edit/run cycle during class. Great stuff. (We also teach the use of […]

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Dec 01 2014

More CSS in JavaScript, this time with React

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In September I mentioned a talk at Strange Loop 2014 where the speaker described a technique for writing CSS in the form of JavaScript which then executes to produce the actual CSS. This avoids a server-side build process, it knows more about the browser while operating, it avoids a HTTP round-trip, and has various other […]

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Oct 07 2014

FlightJS, an event-centric JavaScript library/framework

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Are events your favorite part of AngularJS? Look at FlightJS instead. Angular’s Event System At Oasis Digital, we use AngularJS for most of our client-side “SPA” web development. AngularJS is well suited for data and form centric enterprise web applications we most often work on; I’ll write more about why we chose AngularJS another time. […]

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Sep 22 2014

Dynamic CSS Manipulation with JavaScript

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Last week I attended the Manning’s Powered By JavaScript one-day conference, the day before Strange Loop. Here are some thoughts on the “Powered By” conference as a whole and on one talk: “Dump Less and SASS: Dynamic CSS Manipulation with JavaScript” Speaker: Michael Mikowski I wrote recently about CSS, so this talk caught my attention […]

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Sep 07 2014

Data Services for AngularJS Applications

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I wrote recently about data/API services for complex “single page” JavaScript-heavy web applications. Everything there applies to AngularJS as well as other frameworks (Ember, Knockout, React, etc.), but there are some particulars to keep in mind for ease of interaction between an AngularJS web application and a data service. This topic is also asked about in […]

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