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Dec 10 2017

Filling up your issue tracker – at scale

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Sometimes when working on a project at work, we find out about a pile of features or changes needed. This can happen at the beginning of a project, at the start of the major initiative, after deploying a project (which triggers much user feedback), etc. Sometimes we have so much to absorb and divvy up […]

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Nov 16 2017

Adjust base href via a NPM package.json scripts

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Suppose you wanted to adjust the base HREF in an index.html file using a regular expression, as part of a build process you are cobbling together using NPM scripts. How could you do that? Here’s one answer, though this only works if the sed command line tool is available (as it will be almost always […]

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Sep 13 2017

TypeScript as ES2015/ES2016+ compiler

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I frequently encounter packages on NPM which bring in Babel to compile ES2015/2016+ down to older JavaScript suitable for a wider range of browsers. Babel is a very effective tool for this, it has been around quite a long time, and is highly configurable and flexible in future ready. It has an amazing community and […]

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Jul 02 2017

Cycle JS – example application and video tour

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I recently learned a lot about CycleJS, which had been recommended to me in the category “you probably won’t use this for your day job right now, but you will learn a lot by looking”. And indeed, it has turned out to be the case. Cycle can be thought of as an answer to the […]

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Jun 18 2017


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Much of my work (as a technology guru at Oasis Digital) is around the intersection of the most current technology (such as Angular) with existing complex, valuable systems used by our customers. Recently an opportunity came up in which we may interact with some older software written in Smalltalk. I’ve used Smalltalk a bit some […]

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Jun 08 2017

Thoughts on

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I just participated on the panel for an ngHouston online user group meeting, where Ryan Campbell of BizNas /¬†¬†presented the Framing framework for complex enterprise Angular applications. You can watch a replay here: Here is a quick analysis, pros and cons of Framing and its approach. Keep in mind as I write this: Framing has […]

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