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Nov 26 2013

A Better Bash+Git Prompt

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I enjoy a souped-up Bash prompt which radiates information about (for example) the branch I am on, in addition to the usual information (current directory). There are countless examples online, but the nicest I’ve found so far is this one from Martin Gondermann. I have it set to show just a little information: Martin shows […]

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Aug 23 2010

What is the Best Git GUI (Client) for Windows?

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I adopted Git as my primary source control tool a couple of years ago, when I was using Windows as my primary (90%) desktop OS. Since then I’ve switched to 75% Mac OSX, but I still use Git on Windows for a few projects, and I get a lot of questions about Git on Windows. […]

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Jul 18 2008

Rearranging files in SVN? Use git-svn instead.

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From time to time I need to rearrange a set of files in a project, typically while revamping the file / directory layout of a set of source files. The most direct way to do so is by dragging the files around (using a Windows or Linux GUI), but this is quite tedious to do […]

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Apr 30 2008

Getting Started with Git and GitHub on Windows

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(Update: I have a new, related post about the Best Git GUIs for Windows.) I’ve been attracted to, and trying out, various distributed source control tools for the last two years, and have come to the conclusion that the most likely “winner” is Git. Git does a great many things right, good progress is being made […]

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Mar 22 2008

Git on Windows, it actually works now

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I’ve been trying out various distributed source control tools, and used several of them for various very small projects. I’ve most mostly settled on git as the one I prefer, but I haven’t yet published any code with it. Also, I’ve been frustrated that git support for Windows has been very weak. Msysgit appears to […]

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Oct 01 2007

Upcoming talk: Intro to Distributed Source Control

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Where: SLUUG (though my talk is not listed on the site yet) When: October 10th, meeting starts at 6:30 PM I’ll introduce distributed source control tools: A short tour of the basic use of git, bzr, and hg (Mercurial) Thoughts on why you’d want to use a distributed source control tool at all, vs. a […]

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