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May 27 2010

Take a Strategic Vacation

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This is yet another story that I’ve told dozens of time to individual and groups, and now finally written down. Here is a short video talk: Strategic Vacation from Kyle Cordes on Vimeo. As usual, the vimeo page offers it for HTML5, non-Flash platforms like the iPad. Back in 2004 I co-founded Mobile Workforce Management, […]

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May 07 2010

When Will It Ship? Estimates and Promises

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I’m trying something new with this post: a short video presentation of approximately the same content. Here is an area of confusion that has come up both at Oasis Digital, and at every other firm I’ve worked: estimate ≠ promise Background: Unpredictability Around half of my software development and leadership experience has been in enterprise/internal […]

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Mar 03 2010

Mobile Workforce Management, a Five Year SaaS Mission Completed

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Here is the story of a substantial chunk of my professional life over the last five years. I didn’t tell this story in real time (for various good reasons), though I have mentioned bits of it in various talks. In 2004, I co-founded a vertical market Software as a Service firm, Mobile Workforce Management (MWM). […]

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Mar 29 2009

Sometimes You Need to Compile It Yourself

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I posted an earlier version of this on the Puppet mailing list recently; it seemed worth expanding here. An Ideal World In an ideal world, for each piece of Linux software I use, a very recent version would be “in the box” in the distribution package repositories, for every distro and distro release I use. […]

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May 21 2008

Playing to Win, Going Beyond the Call of Duty

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I’m writing this up as advice to a rhetorical “you”, but it’s really written to a younger version of me. Imagine that you are working on a project for a customer (or employer), who has a weekly or monthly budget limit. You are paid by the hour, for up to N hours per week; or […]

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Apr 30 2008

Getting Started with Git and GitHub on Windows

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(Update: I have a new, related post about the Best Git GUIs for Windows.) I’ve been attracted to, and trying out, various distributed source control tools for the last two years, and have come to the conclusion that the most likely “winner” is Git. Git does a great many things right, good progress is being made […]

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