About Kyle


  • Self-taught software developer from age 8
  • Wrote production code as a summer job, while in high school, which remained in use for 15+ years
  • B.S. in Computer Science, 1994, graduated in 3 years
  • Designed/implemented multiple large, complex software systems personally and as a technical leader
  • Hired teams, delegated, transitioned successfully
  • Worked in desktop, server, web, cloud, and mobile software
  • Java, C, C++, C#, JavaScript, TypeScript, Clojure, Delphi, Prolog, PHP, Lua, and other programming languages
  • Co-founded a vertical market SaaS firm in 2004, sold in 2009
  • Trained numerous developers and team in AngularJS and related technologies
  • Currently growing Oasis Digital, Angular Boot Camp, and Expium.com, working on Next Big Thing(s)

Very Short Bio

Kyle Cordes is a software development leader and entrepreneur with experience in a diverse set of technologies. Kyle is the founder of Oasis Digital, which keeps busy with challenging software projects to help customers build a competitive advantage in their markets.

Short Bio

Kyle Cordes is a software development leader and entrepreneur with experience in numerous technologies and programming languages. His projects include wireless data access, mobile and PDA applications, high volume enterprise applications, and software project leadership. Kyle speaks at user groups and other events several times each year, and was a principal in Mobile Workforce Management LLC, a vertical market “Software as a Service” business, which he sold in 2009.

Currently, Kyle’s firm Oasis Digital keeps busy with challenging software projects, to help customers build a competitive advantage in their markets, by providing software development, training, and advice to clients around the US.  Visit http://kylecordes.com for more information.


Long Bio

Kyle Cordes is a software development leader and entrepreneur with expertise in a diverse set of technologies. He brings more than 15 years of experience in providing insight on the technologies needed for companies to build a competitive advantage in their markets. He counsels clients on building a business to self-sufficiency with the help of custom software solutions.

Kyle founded Oasis Digital Solutions Inc., a St. Louis, Missouri-based software consulting firm, in 2001 and has since worked with clients on developing custom software for workflow management, application integration, business process automation, web application, handheld devices, among other areas. Leading the efforts of Oasis Digital, Kyle works with customers that are generally not well served by off-the-shelf software or are in the wake of a previous failed effort. Using rigorous development practices, close collaboration and a variety of languages and technologies, Oasis Digital works with clients to produce high quality software quickly. Kyle and his team have worked with clients across the United States to offer expert assistance (consulting or training) to help companies become more productive or get past a hurdle.

Most recently, Kyle was also a co-founder of a vertical market software-as-a-service business, Mobile Workforce Management LLC, maker of TicketRx, a software solution for the utility locating industry. Kyle sold MWM LLC in 2009.

Prior to founding Oasis Digital, Kyle served as a consultant at information technology consulting firm Ajilon and as Director of Information Technology at Automation Service, an industrial remanufacturing firm. He graduated summa cum laude with a bachelor’s of computer science degree from the University of Missouri-St. Louis.

Kyle is a member of the St. Louis Regional Chamber & Growth Association, the Missouri Venture Forum, St. Louis IT Entrepreneur Network, and numerous technical user groups.

His experience as an entrepreneur and business manager, along with his excellent communications skills serve him well as a good presenter, coach and advisor. Kyle often speaks at user groups and other events.

Kyle is an occasional blogger at kylecordes.com, where he shares information and expertise on software development and the business thereof. He also enjoys biking, travelling, and voluminous reading. Kyle resides in the St. Louis area with his wife and two children.