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Jan 22 2017

Managing a To Do list

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There are thousands of to do lists applications to choose from, across most every kind of programmable device we’re surrounded with. I have a to do list, but I don’t use any of the apps. A few years ago someone noticed how I did this and asked me to write a few words about it. […]

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Jan 22 2017

Really Managing a To Do list

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Earlier, I wrote about managing a to do list, recommending a boring general purpose tool (a spreadsheet) for the purpose. But what about managing the contents of the list, not just the bits? Here are some ideas that have proven useful. If you are responsible for more items than you can easily remember, have a […]

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Jun 11 2016

Computers talking to each other

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There is a lot of development going on in artificial intelligence. AI is back from the long “AI Winter”, and this time it seems like it is getting somewhere useful. There are types of programs which we would’ve previously called AI, the we now sometimes called the machine learning, doing real valuable work. (How soon […]

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Aug 18 2014

Bits are Free, People are Valuable

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A few days ago, I caught myself thinking about whether to save some images and video; whether the likely future value of those megabytes would be greater or lesser than the cost of storage. This is a sort of thought that was important and valuable… a couple of decades ago. Bits are Free Today, and […]

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May 25 2010

Standing Desk Experiment and Experiences

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Round 1, 2007 Back in 2007 I read a few articles about the merits of stand-up desks, in regards to health and productivity. According to the New York Times and other sources, standing desks have been not quite common, but neither terribly uncommon, for many years. Sitting all the time is apparently quite unhealthy. Famously, […]

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Nov 06 2009

Book Giveaway at BarCampSTL, Nov. 7

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A while back I wrote that The World is My Warehouse, and I’ve been making that more true ever since. One tiny example is the stack of books below, which I’m giving away tomorrow at Bar Camp St. Louis. Please be polite, and only take one book per person. Two of the books are about […]

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