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May 02 2009

Saying No to say Yes

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In The Secrets of Consulting (a book, along with its sequel, about a lot more than consulting), Jerry Weinberg offered the Law of Raspberry Jam: the wider you spread it, the thinner it gets I thought about that a lot a few years ago when I attended the AYE conference (an experience I heartily recommend), […]

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Feb 17 2009

Incompetence -> Progress

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From “The most profound engine of civilization is the inability of a larger and larger fraction of the population to do the basic things needed to survive.  Many people fail to realize this.” “Technology’s greatest contribution is to permit people to be incompetent at a larger and larger range of things.  Only by embracing […]

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Aug 04 2007

My name is Kyle, and I’m an Infoholic

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I recently read Tim Ferriss’s book The Four Hour Work Week, colloquially called 4HWW. The book is short, dense with ideas, and easily worth the $12 price. I recommend the book in spite of: Questions about the veracity of Ferriss’s claimed accomplishments Criticisms that some of his techniques are not as broadly applicable as he […]

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May 26 2007

TEDTalks – Ideas Worth Spreading – Video Worth Watching

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TED is an annual conference at which a bunch of (hopefully?) remarkable people say remarkable things. I’m using the word in a Seth Godin sort of way: remarkable things are those which inspire people to literally remark about them. It appears to be “A-list” event, meaning that I’m not likely to make the cut anytime […]

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Nov 30 2006

Transforming Language

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I picked this idea up from Dale Emery, in his excellent “Resistance as a Resource” talk at AYE, which is based on a paper available at his website. He shared a story of an HR manager who spoke with disdain about a group of people at their company as “resistors” to change; in their case […]

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Nov 23 2006

You Have More Options Than You Think

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A few weeks ago, around the time of the Reddit sale to Conde Nast, I read Aaron’s Swartz’s summary of his life to date, including a description of his brief high school experience: dissatisfied with high school, he quit. He was then officially “home schooled”, but he actually wandered off to teach himself and take […]

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