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May 26 2007

TEDTalks – Ideas Worth Spreading – Video Worth Watching

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TED is an annual conference at which a bunch of (hopefully?) remarkable people say remarkable things. I’m using the word in a Seth Godin sort of way: remarkable things are those which inspire people to literally remark about them. It appears to be “A-list” event, meaning that I’m not likely to make the cut anytime […]

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Apr 08 2006

Emergencies, and How to Kill Creativity

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A post over at Slow Leadership: Slow Leadership: How to Kill Creativity is closely related to a “rule” we have at Oasis Digital: we have a limited “budget” of emergencies; we will spend no more than a small percentage of time in “emergency mode”.  If there appear to be so many fires that that the […]

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Mar 27 2006

Email2Face, a good idea

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Jonathan Goodyear‘s ASPSOFT just announced Email2Face, a public database mapping email addresses to photos.  This strikes me as a good and useful idea.  If it gets some traction, it would be nice to have an email client plugin to automatically retrieve them. What I would really like to see is something with a similar […]

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May 01 2001

Grid Components for Delphi

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This list of Grid components available for Delphi. is originally from a Usenet post by Anthony Richardson (anthony_r at I’ve added more since then. The following is a list of Third-Party Grid suppliers: SpreadSheets: TAdvSpreadGrid – TSpread – TSpreadSheet – THyperSpreadsheet – Non-DataAware: InfoPower – Top Grid – […]

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