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Aug 19 2010

Sometimes, Establishing Expertise Doesn’t Pay Off

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Recently I analyzed the relative payoff from different types of work I’ve done in my career to date. Some of the work has paid off reasonably well. But one particular bit of it stands out as a counter-example to common wisdom: Between 1997 and 2000, I spent countless hours on the BDE Alternatives Guide, a […]

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Aug 19 2009

Unusual virus which attacks Delphi SysConst.pas / .dcu

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There is big news today in the Delphi world: a virus that specifically attacks Delphi installations, inserting a bit of code to embed itself in any application compiled by that Delphi installation. (more info here) The virus adds code to SysConst.pas, which is then compiled in to SysConst.dcu. (Those are analogous to .c and .o, […]

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Jan 14 2008

Is Delphi Dead? No.

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A few months ago Alex Miller pointed me to this Delphi doom article (the site appears to be down at the moment), which reminded me to post about the same topic. Here goes. Delphi shipped in 1995, and its demise has been declared frequently since 1997 or so. In a sense this demise is true, […]

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Aug 21 2007

Python or Python+Delphi Developer Wanted

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Speaking of Python, over at oasis Digital we’re looking for a Python (subcontract) or Python+Delphi (full time) developer. For the right person this could be a great opportunity to use your preferred tools. Plus, a tip to anyone applying for this work or any other work: when you email a resume, don’t name it “my […]

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Aug 20 2007

Yet Another Python Success Story

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Is it OK to use programming language X in a production enterprise application? Or are fear, uncertainly, and doubt holding you back? Public “success stories” might make it more acceptable for you to do so in your environment. In that spirit I offer our story of a production Python deployment at an Oasis Digital customer […]

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Aug 03 2007

Help! My Hierarchy is Slow – Faster Hierarchies with Nested Sets

Published under Technology

A great many applications, including many that I’ve worked on, have a hierarchy of things: of parts, of people, of organizations, etc. The way most of us represent such hierarchy is with the first thing that generally comes to mind: make each Widget have a parent Widget, with a table like so:

This representation […]

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