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Apr 26 2002

Design Considerations in a Mobile/ Wireless Application

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Mobile / Wireless applications must let the user get work done even with a network connection is not available. That and other consideration were covered in this talk to the St. Louis Wireless SIG meeting.

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Jul 29 2001

Improving Delphi Object Pascal

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In a conversation between me and others in a newsgroup thread a while back, I made some comment about not caring for the Object Pascal syntax in some way. Someone asked: > If you dislike Pascal so much, please explain what you like and why. This is a slightly more detailed answer to the question […]

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May 01 2001

Windows Clients, Java Servers

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Problem / Scenario: You have server code in Java implementing business logic, or you want to have such code. Java is your strategic choice. But… you have a need for a client application that will be a native Windows application, for whatever reason. Sample reasons: (1) they need to run quickly and smoothly on a […]

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May 01 2001

Delphi Resources

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Pure Technologies offer open-source PureSOAP, which looks like a good way to use SOAP from Delphi, without require the Enterprise edition of Delphi 6. Another good approach for this is to use Microsoft’s SOAP support (ROPE, etc.) via COM. DUnit is a Delphi version of the “xUnit” familt of unit test tools popularized by Extreme Programming adherents. I’ve found it […]

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May 01 2001

Grid Components for Delphi

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This list of Grid components available for Delphi. is originally from a Usenet post by Anthony Richardson (anthony_r at I’ve added more since then. The following is a list of Third-Party Grid suppliers: SpreadSheets: TAdvSpreadGrid – TSpread – TSpreadSheet – THyperSpreadsheet – Non-DataAware: InfoPower – Top Grid – […]

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