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Mar 14 2006

Slider Control for Touch-Screen Applications

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An improved version of this post is cross-posted on the Oasis Digital blog. At Oasis Digital we are working on an application that will run on a touch-screen computer, and which will be used to (among other things) control an audio amplification system. There are some design considerations for touch-screen applications which are rather stark […]

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Mar 10 2006

The BAG is up for adoption

Published under Technology

In the years since I setup the BDE Alternatives Guide, my work has taken me in other directions, leaving me little time to keep it up to date. So the BAG is now up for “adoption”; for details, visit the site. Update: Noone adopted it.

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Nov 24 2003

Graph Visualization in Delphi

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For a project at Oasis Digital, we need to show the end user a graphical representation of a graph (in the “graph theory” sense of the word). The application is written in Delphi, and in looking around I didn’t find any native Delphi components for doing that. I did find GraphViz, and a COM Wrapper […]

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Jun 01 2002

Now Forming: St. Louis Delphi User Group

Published under Technology

In addition to Java and other high-profile tools and languages discussed on the site, Oasis Digital makes good use of Borland Delphi for Windows client applications. I’m interesting in forming a St. Louis Delphi User Group. (For those of you around the world, this means the St. Louis, MO, USA metropolitan area.) The first step […]

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May 23 2002

Test Intensive Development in Delphi

Published under Presentations,Technology

Slides from a Birds of a Feather session at BorCon 2001

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Apr 28 2002

A Content Management System

Published under Technology

I generally say that reinventing the wheel is not a good idea. Sometime’s it’s an educational experience, though!

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