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Mar 02 2007

High Level Assembly Code?

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A while back I needed to reverse the order of the 4 8-bit bytes in a 32-bit word, in some Delphi code. I worked out a way to do it with bit shifting, read the docs for a few minutes, and got something to work with AND, SHL, SHR, and some $FF constants. Later I […]

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Jan 05 2007

Math Drill – for your 1st..4th grader

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Here is a simple piece of software I wrote to help my children practice basic arithmetic facts. Of course there are no doubt already a thousand or more similar programs out there; but in a few minutes of searching I didn’t find one that did quite what I wanted. I ended up tinkering with this […]

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Sep 01 2006

Joel, you have got to be kidding

Published under Business

Joel seems to “play it safe” … then goes off the deep end of irony in his final paragraph: “FogBugz is written in Wasabi, a very advanced, functional-programming dialect of Basic with closures and lambdas and Rails-like active records that can be compiled down to VBScript, JavaScript, PHP4 or PHP5. Wasabi is a private, in-house […]

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Jun 23 2006

How To Do Deployment (Dave Thomas RailsConf Keynote)

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I just attended Dave Thomas’s keynote at RailsConf. He had many interesting things to say, most notably that 60%+ of his Java-centric conference-circuit friends, mostly people who have written books on Java, speak regularly on Java, and have lots of experience as Java “architects”, are now making a living with Ruby / Rails. Dave talked […]

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Jun 02 2006

Take control of Delphi forms in your multimonitor application

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The authors of the the VCL helpfully added multi monitor “support” a few versions back. Somewhat less helpfully, this support is very limited – it has no way to say “create form X on monitor 3”, which is a very useful thing to do in some kinds of applications – those intended to run on […]

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May 09 2006

St. Louis Code Camp – Lua Talk Notes and Source Code

Published under Presentations

At the St. Louis Code Camp on May 6, I gave a talk that was somewhat poorly titled “Painless Scripting with Lua”.  The topic more mostly about the overall use of scripting as a configuration and extension mechanism, with Lua as an example language. The talk had no slides, only code and a 1-page handful […]

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