Jan 05 2007

Math Drill – for your 1st..4th grader

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Here is a simple piece of software I wrote to help my children practice basic arithmetic facts. Of course there are no doubt already a thousand or more similar programs out there; but in a few minutes of searching I didn’t find one that did quite what I wanted. I ended up tinkering with this for several hours, and even wrote documentation and made an installer. Free download and screenshot below.

MathDrillSetup.exe (free)

Math Drill screen shot

I’ve also published the source code over on Github: http://github.com/kylecordes/mathdrill/tree/master

This software is written in Delphi, and though there is some chance that I am the only developer anywhere using both Delphi and git, hopefully this will be wrong, and someone will fork and offer their improvements.

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3 Responses to “Math Drill – for your 1st..4th grader”

  1. bg says:

    That’s nice. Simple yet exactly what you need. Tip: add some pictures!

  2. bandya says:

    Really nice program.

  3. John M says:

    This is great! I have a 7 yr old who loves math, and this is perfect!

    I imagine it’s in Delphi?