I have seen the future, and it runs OSX

iPhone: Wow

It’s a phone. It’s a PDA. It’s an iPod. It’s a widescreen video iPod. It has zero physical buttons, rather the whole front is a multi-touch-screen. I’ll leave the rest of the raving to the many other sites doing a great job of that.

The real innovation of this new device is the OS. Apple has an answer to PalmOS and Windows Mobile (CE): run their real desktop/server OSX, with Unix inside, on the phone. Today’s handhelds have much more computing power and storage than desktop PCs of a decade ago, and there are enormous benefits to running a real, common OS on such a device. I’d been saying since I bought my first Palm (a Handspring, actually) than within a decade the handheld OS’s would go away.

Apple has gone first. How soon will Microsoft follow? Will Palm and RIM make to the new era at all?

(Update: Yes, the title of this post is slightly in jest. I’m serious about real OSs in handheld devices, and the iPhone looks fantastic, but Apple is very unlikely to dominate the phone market in the way the iPod dominates the tiny-media-player market.)