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Oct 19 2008

Ease of Installation: DokuWiki, PHP, files

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In the past I’ve installed MediaWiki, ruwiki, git-wiki, and several other Wiki implementations (Perl, and Java implementations), with varying degrees of effort. For example, ruwiki required considerable gymnastics to get the right Ruby libraries in place on the machine I hosted it on, MediaWiki required a database, etc. Ruby libraries, databases, JVMs, and the like […]

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Aug 03 2007

Help! My Hierarchy is Slow – Faster Hierarchies with Nested Sets

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A great many applications, including many that I’ve worked on, have a hierarchy of things: of parts, of people, of organizations, etc. The way most of us represent such hierarchy is with the first thing that generally comes to mind: make each Widget have a parent Widget, with a table like so:

This representation […]

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Jan 20 2007

A/B Technique for Web Application Deployment

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This description of my “A/B technique for web application deployment” was transcribed from audio, so it less tight, more verbose than my normal prose. I chose to post it in rough form, rather than leave it on the “back burner” until an unknown future date when I have time to rewrite it. I first explained […]

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Sep 01 2006

Joel, you have got to be kidding

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Joel seems to “play it safe” … then goes off the deep end of irony in his final paragraph: “FogBugz is written in Wasabi, a very advanced, functional-programming dialect of Basic with closures and lambdas and Rails-like active records that can be compiled down to VBScript, JavaScript, PHP4 or PHP5. Wasabi is a private, in-house […]

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Oct 25 2001

Comparing PHP and ASP

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PHP and ASP (Active Server Pages) have many ideas in common, and I tend to lump both in to the same category: page-based server-side web scripting tools. I use that category for small to medium sized application; I usually don’t choose it for large or complex web applications. Here are a few points of comparison […]

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May 01 2001

Under The Hood – PHP and MySQL

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(This introductory article was written in 2001 to help explain to clients why LAMP (Linux, Apache, PHP and MySQL) were chosen as the infrastructure for for certain kinds of web sites. We generally choose other tools now.) Many of our dynamic web sites are built using PHP and MySQL. Although these products are frequently used […]

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