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Nov 30 2009

Massive Parallelism and Microslices

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I just read James Hamilton’s comments on “Microslice” servers, which are very low-power, but high CPU-to-wattage ratio servers. As he explains in detail, at scale the economics of this design are compelling. In some ways, of course, this is the opposite of another big trend going on, which is consolidation through virtualization. I reconcile these […]

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Jul 12 2007

YouTube Scalability Talk

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Cuong Do of YouTube / Google recently gave a Google Tech Talk on scalability. I found it interesting in light of my own comments on YouTube’s 45 TB a while back. Here are my notes from his talk, a mix of what he said and my commentary: In the summer of 2006, they grew from […]

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Jan 20 2007

A/B Technique for Web Application Deployment

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This description of my “A/B technique for web application deployment” was transcribed from audio, so it less tight, more verbose than my normal prose. I chose to post it in rough form, rather than leave it on the “back burner” until an unknown future date when I have time to rewrite it. I first explained […]

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