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Aug 19 2010

I Admire the Ruby Community

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(I have cross-posted this to the Oasis Digital blog.)   Over the last year or so, I’ve spent perhaps 50 hours rethinking what kind of business Oasis Digital should be. I’ve studied business models. I’ve made spreadsheets. I’ve looked around that numerous other consulting firms. The results of all that… are slowly emerging. Stay tuned. In […]

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Oct 19 2008

Ease of Installation: DokuWiki, PHP, files

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In the past I’ve installed MediaWiki, ruwiki, git-wiki, and several other Wiki implementations (Perl, and Java implementations), with varying degrees of effort. For example, ruwiki required considerable gymnastics to get the right Ruby libraries in place on the machine I hosted it on, MediaWiki required a database, etc. Ruby libraries, databases, JVMs, and the like […]

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Oct 12 2008

Webby – Client-side, static content management system

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This afternoon I rebuilt using Webby, stripping out hand-coded HTML and replacing it with much more maintainable Markdown. The site looks about the same as before (which is to say, mediocre), but under the hood it is much easier to update. We intend to use this new ease, to move forward in improving it. […]

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May 11 2008

Please, Use a Web Application Framework

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Historically I have not been a fan of “frameworks”, and I have often repeated the following joke: What’s the difference between an application and a framework? An application is something a customer actually wants! However, for some applications, I recommend use of an application framework. For some Oasis Digital projects, I require it: Please, Use […]

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Jan 10 2008

Shoes, a new Ruby GUI toolkit

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Last year I gave a talk on Ruby GUI toolkits, and concluded that none of those I looked at were compellingly slick or mature. There is a new player on the field now (thus certainly not mature, but interesting nonetheless): Shoes, from why the lucky stiff. Shoes creates native applications with a Web feel. It […]

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Jun 27 2007

Next Big Language = JavaScript

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There’s a lot of buzz about Steve Yegge’s “port” of Rails to JavaScript, and Steve has now provided (in his funny, self-deprecating style) the background of how it came to be. He doesn’t quite say it explicitly in this post, but I think it reveals that the “Next Big Language” he has been hinting at […]

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