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May 26 2007

BaseJumpr: BaseCamp -> ActiveCollab

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BaseJumpr has a fascinating service offering: they export your data from your Basecamp account, producing a set of files ready to import in to ActiveCollab, the open source Basecamp-sorta-clone-like-program. They then, if you wish to buy their hosting service, create an instance of ActiveCollab for you and import your data there. (They host your file […]

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Mar 31 2007

Ruby GUI Toolkit Talk: Notes and Audio

Published under Presentations

On March 27th I gave a talk at the St. Louis Ruby User Group about Ruby GUI Toolkits. As with my last few talks, there were no slides, but rather a handout. The original handout fit tightly on a single, two-sided printed page; I’ve expanded the materials slightly and pasted them here. I also recorded […]

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Mar 02 2007

Indentation as Block Structure – HAML instead of RHTML

Published under Technology

When I starting with Python sometime in 2001, I was briefly frustrated by the intentation-as-block-structure syntax; but after a few weeks I found it  natural. Its most obvious advantage is that it avoid the duplication between indentation and braces / keywords. Yet this kind of syntax has not become popular outside of Python. Today I […]

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Dec 14 2006

$200 -> Rubinius

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I’ve been using Ruby sporadically for some time, including in a bit of production code (in which it is running well), but the apparent lack of progress toward a more modern VM for Ruby makes it harder to get more deeply involved. On the one hand, today’s Ruby interpreter/runtime is sufficiently good to build very […]

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Sep 01 2006

Joel, you have got to be kidding

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Joel seems to “play it safe” … then goes off the deep end of irony in his final paragraph: “FogBugz is written in Wasabi, a very advanced, functional-programming dialect of Basic with closures and lambdas and Rails-like active records that can be compiled down to VBScript, JavaScript, PHP4 or PHP5. Wasabi is a private, in-house […]

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Aug 10 2006

Aiming for Mainstream

Published under Technology

Over on defmacro today, a new article appeared: defmacro – Why Exotic Languages Are Not Mainstream in which the author laments that while there appear to be various choices to use Haskell on Windows, it turns out that all of them are, in some way, not ready for prime time… or even for effective hobbiest […]

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