$200 -> Rubinius

I’ve been using Ruby sporadically for some time, including in a bit of production code (in which it is running well), but the apparent lack of progress toward a more modern VM for Ruby makes it harder to get more deeply involved. On the one hand, today’s Ruby interpreter/runtime is sufficiently good to build very successful services on (37Signal’s Rails-based services, for exampel); but in my own testing for the kinds of higher volume data handling I often need to do, it’s among the slowest I’d used. That matters little for populating a web page, but matters a lot for things like OLAP ETL.

So today I joined Geoffrey Grosenbach in supporting Evan Phoenix’s rubinius project, by sending $200 to help sponsor the work. It’s not much in the grand scheme of things, but I believe in “putting your money where your mouth is”.

This isn’t the first time I mentioned Geoff; earlier this year I took him to task for his choice of music for the Ruby on Rails podcast, which has changed since then to something more suitable.

2 thoughts on “$200 -> Rubinius”

  1. Good for you Kyle! I’m happy to see more folks getting involved in rubinius, whether it’s donating money, code, or time. I’m looking forward to big things from this project.

  2. Well done Kyle!
    I think rubinius is the first project I’ve heard of
    where people are paying hundreds of dollars
    for the free software before its even finished.

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