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Nov 18 2006

The World is My Warehouse

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My Old Way of Thinking Until recently, my strategy for deciding what possessions to keep has been simple: to a first approximation, “keep everything forever”. There is family history in this direction, so I come by this honestly. I have kept many pieces of equipment, cables, books, magazines, tools, office supplies, and much more. There […]

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Nov 13 2006

A Few Days Away, a Fresh Look at Email

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On my office PC, I have a complex, tuned mechanism for processing email: many filters, many folders, etc. I check email at least a couple times per hour (sometimes every few minutes) and tend to send many short replies to message threads. When I travel, my email processing is much simpler: check email a few […]

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Nov 10 2006

Disconnecting to Keep Distraction Away

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I’m back from AYE. The last session I attended was Dwayne Phillips‘s on “Distraction”. Distraction is a recurring enemy here, always ready to strike, to divert me from the task at hand. I’ve recently been using “disconnection” to fight distraction and focus on an intense task for a few hours, and noticed the same notion […]

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May 17 2006

Fewer accounts. Fewer points of failure.

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I’ve recently been working on having fewer accounts, at fewer banks, fewer lines of credit, etc.  This is in an attempt to reduce the accidental complexity of my life, as well as reduce the likelihood of the identity theft. Imagine my joy, in reading Will Shipley’s E-TRADE nightmare, that one of my former accounts that […]

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