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Feb 02 2017


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I just wrote the following sentence in this┬áthread on the DDD-CQRS mailing list: DDD-CQRS-ES is (among other things) a reification of the eventually consistent nature of perception in the natural universe. Upon rereading, it strikes me that I may need to spend more time outside.  

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Jan 22 2017

Managing a To Do list

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There are thousands of to do lists applications to choose from, across most every kind of programmable device we’re surrounded with. I have a to do list, but I don’t use any of the apps. A few years ago someone noticed how I did this and asked me to write a few words about it. […]

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Jan 22 2017

Really Managing a To Do list

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Earlier, I wrote about managing a to do list, recommending a boring general purpose tool (a spreadsheet) for the purpose. But what about managing the contents of the list, not just the bits? Here are some ideas that have proven useful. If you are responsible for more items than you can easily remember, have a […]

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Jun 11 2016

Computers talking to each other

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There is a lot of development going on in artificial intelligence. AI is back from the long “AI Winter”, and this time it seems like it is getting somewhere useful. There are types of programs which we would’ve previously called AI, the we now sometimes called the machine learning, doing real valuable work. (How soon […]

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May 29 2016

Fast Angular 2 compile cycle with TSC

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There are numerous choices for tooling in a TypeScript Angular 2 project. This list is no doubt incomplete: SystemJS with JSPM SystemJS without JSPM Webpack Angular-CLI (which uses System and Broccoli and other things behind the scenes) At Oasis Digital, we have worked with all of these variations, and experienced trouble at least with all […]

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Dec 26 2015

Apply Enough Force

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I have written and spoken many times about the importance of getting started. This is a key idea in agile software development (or for that matter, to many other kinds of work). If you refuse to start projects until you fully understand how they can be completed, you will miss many valuable opportunities. When in […]

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