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May 31 2013

Opaque Binary Formats are Terrible

Published under Technology

I’m looking at you, Crystal Reports! Opaque binary file formats for development assets are a scourge on the software development community. Here’s some context. At Oasis Digital we typically work on complex enterprise data systems. These systems have a long life, with multiple (or many) developers working concurrently and over time. These systems are important […]

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Nov 08 2009

Micro-review: Bose QuietComfort 15 noise-cancelling headphones

Published under Technology

I recently bought these Bose headphones: Yes, they cost $300. Ouch. If you travel by airplane more than 1x per year, buy these headphones. Slightly longer review: These headphones use active noise cancellation to dramatically slash the volume of loud environments; they work best for continuous, white-noise-like sounds (for example, riding in an airplane). The […]

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Jun 15 2009 Considered Harmful

Published under Business

(Offtopic warning: my site is mostly about technical matters, not about consumer affairs.) Well, that wasn’t fun. We had reserved, or so I thought, a hotel stay of a few days, using  Life intervened, and it became necessary to cancel.  We attempt to cancel.  It turns out that we hadn’t reserved a hotel stay. […]

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Jun 06 2009

Palm Pre First Impressions (vs BlackBerry Pearl)

Published under Technology

Today I set aside my BlackBerry Pearl for a shiny new Palm Pre. There are various detailed, photo-rich reviews out there, and many more on the way. I’ll skip that, and pass a few first impressions of the Pre, particularly compared to the BlackBerry (Pearl, in my case). The hardware is quite nice; the size […]

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Oct 19 2008

Network / System Monitoring Smorgasbord

Published under Technology

At one of my firms (a Software as a Service provider), we have a Zabbix installation in place to monitor our piles of mostly Linux servers. Recently we look a closer look at it and and found ample opportunities to monitor more aspects, of more machines and device, more thoroughly. The prospect of increased investment […]

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Sep 06 2006

Dreamhost Out, TextDrive In

Published under Technology

You might have noticed that this site is much faster than it used to be. The reason? I moved it from DreamHost to TextDrive. TextDrive costs more, its “control panel” is not as good as DreamHost’s, and its bandwidth/storage limits are lower. But my site is far faster, hasn’t had any downtime or email downtime […]

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