Dreamhost Out, TextDrive In

You might have noticed that this site is much faster than it used to be. The reason? I moved it from DreamHost to TextDrive.

TextDrive costs more, its “control panel” is not as good as DreamHost’s, and its bandwidth/storage limits are lower. But my site is far faster, hasn’t had any downtime or email downtime since the switch (during which DreamHost had an email outage), and TextDrive support responds much sooner.

I have a few TextDrive nitpicks though: there is no built in web-stats system (I’ll need to install one), and they apparently don’t have a backup system working at the moment (!). I’ve set up a nightly rsync to a machine here for backup purposes, but I sure hope they don’t intend this as a long term situation.

Update: Jason at Joyent/Textdrive noticed this post, and added a comment that the backup problem is long fixed.

Update: A complaint without data risks sounding like a whine. So I’ll add some data. Today I noticed that sites I still have on DreamHost are slow. Why? let’s look:

$ date
Fri Sep 8 15:56:14 PDT 2006
$ uptime
15:56:18 up 5:31, 3 users, load average: 103.41, 95.54, 181.86

Update: Some months later, TextDrive has turned out to have approximately at much, or more, downtime as DreamHost. It’s still fast when it’s up, and the TextDrive guys are helpful, friendly, and responsive. But the shared hosting they offer has frequent downtime.

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