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Jun 10 2010

SaaS: The Business Model – Video

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On Feb. 27 at St. Louis Innovation Camp 2010, I gave a talk on the SaaS business model. I posted the slides, handout, audio, and transcript soon thereafter. Here, finally, is a video of the 44-minute-long talk. Why did it take over three months to get online? Read on below. Warning: Sausage-making Discussion Below The […]

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Jul 05 2007

Pipe RGB data to ffmpeg

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A while back I asked on the ffmpeg mailing list how to pipe RGB data in to ffmpeg. I described it as follows: in my code I am building video frames, 720x480x24bit. I have in mind generating a large number of these, as long as a full DVD worth at 30fps, then using ffmpeg (followed […]

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Mar 31 2006

Make a DVD with ffmpeg

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For a project we have going at Oasis Digital, we have explored various libraries for creating video DVDs from computer-generated content until program/script control. There are quite a few ways to do this; one that is appealing for a command-line junkie is the combination of ffmpeg, dvdauthor, and mkisofs. It took considerable research to figure […]

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