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Jun 27 2007

Next Big Language = JavaScript

Published under Business

There’s a lot of buzz about Steve Yegge’s “port” of Rails to JavaScript, and Steve has now provided (in his funny, self-deprecating style) the background of how it came to be. He doesn’t quite say it explicitly in this post, but I think it reveals that the “Next Big Language” he has been hinting at […]

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Mar 15 2007

Google Tech Talks

Published under Technology

Google, a mecca for top notch programmers, attracts many top speakers to give talks on (generally) technical topics. They graciously record these talks and upload them to Google Video. You can get a list of most of them by searching for “engEDU”. Think of these as virtual user group talks, but usually with bigger […]

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Mar 11 2007

Faster TortoiseSVN

Published under Technology

I’ve used SVN and the TortoiseSVN client for most projects recently. The combination works well (and contrary to my initial expectation, I’ve found a shell-integrated source control tool quite usable), but sometimes causes annoying slowdowns in Windows Explorer.  But with the help of a post in this anonymous “Professional Blog”, a few minutes of configuration […]

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Mar 02 2007

High Level Assembly Code?

Published under Technology

A while back I needed to reverse the order of the 4 8-bit bytes in a 32-bit word, in some Delphi code. I worked out a way to do it with bit shifting, read the docs for a few minutes, and got something to work with AND, SHL, SHR, and some $FF constants. Later I […]

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Feb 21 2007

$200 -> Inno Setup

Published under Business

I’ve been using Inno Setup to build installers for a variety of projects for 5+ years, for both personal and commercial projects. Inno is very high quality software, extensively debugged and robust. I prefer it to the other install-builders I’ve tried, including NSIS and various commercial packages (some of which are truly awful). When I […]

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Jan 20 2007

A/B Technique for Web Application Deployment

Published under Technology

This description of my “A/B technique for web application deployment” was transcribed from audio, so it less tight, more verbose than my normal prose. I chose to post it in rough form, rather than leave it on the “back burner” until an unknown future date when I have time to rewrite it. I first explained […]

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