Google Tech Talks

Google, a mecca for top notch programmers, attracts many top speakers to give talks on (generally) technical topics. They graciously record these talks and upload them to Google Video. You can get a list of most of them by searching for “engEDU”. Think of these as virtual user group talks, but usually with bigger “name” speakers than a typical local group offers.

Here are just a few that’s I’ve enjoyed recently, there are many more worth watching.

How Debian (Ubuntu) packages work

Seth Godin (marketing guru)

Mary Poppendieck (“Lean Software Development” author) – Competing on the basis of speed

A new Way to look at Networking – Fascinating

The Mercurial distributed source control system

Added later:

Fission is the New Fire

Jessica Livingston, talking about “Founders at Work”

Still later:

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