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Oct 19 2008

Network / System Monitoring Smorgasbord

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At one of my firms (a Software as a Service provider), we have a Zabbix installation in place to monitor our piles of mostly Linux servers. Recently we look a closer look at it and and found ample opportunities to monitor more aspects, of more machines and device, more thoroughly. The prospect of increased investment […]

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Apr 18 2008

RocketModem Driver Source Package for Debian / Ubuntu

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A couple of months ago I posted about using the current model Comtrol RocketModem IV with Debian / Ubuntu Linux. Ubuntu/Debian includes an older “rocket” module driver in-the-box, which works well for older RocketModem IV cards. But for the newest cards, it does not work at all. The current RocketModem IV is not recognized by […]

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Feb 18 2008

So, you want to use your new RocketModem IV on Linux

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On one of our projects, we’ve been using the Comtrol RocketModem IV for several years, for both modem communications and FAXing (with Hylafax). All of our RMIVs have been completely reliable and very easy to get working under Linux, particular Ubuntu/Debian which includes the rocket driver in-the-box. Then we got a new card; it looks […]

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Oct 11 2007

A Brief Introduction to Distributed Version Control

Published under Presentations

Last night at SLUUG, I have a talk on distributed source control tools. It was quite introductory, but the notes (below) may still be helpful. These notes were on a handout at the talk, as usual I didn’t use slides. Unfortunately I didn’t get an audio recording of this talk, so no transcript either. About […]

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Jul 12 2007

YouTube Scalability Talk

Published under Business

Cuong Do of YouTube / Google recently gave a Google Tech Talk on scalability. I found it interesting in light of my own comments on YouTube’s 45 TB a while back. Here are my notes from his talk, a mix of what he said and my commentary: In the summer of 2006, they grew from […]

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May 17 2007

Linus Torvalds explains distributed source control

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On several occasions over the last year, I’ve pointed out that distributed source control tools are dramatically better than centralized tools. It’s quite hard for me to explain why. This is probably because of sloppy and incomplete thinking on my part, but it doesn’t help that most of the audiences / people I’ve said this […]

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