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May 03 2006

Is my RAID working? HP / Compaq SmartArray RAID on Linux

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One of our servers is an HP / Compaq 2U machine (DL380 ?) with 6 hard drives and the SmartArray hardware RAID controller. This generally works quite well, but we don’t use one of the handful of Linux distributions that HP supports… so from their site we find a great lack of information on how […]

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Apr 30 2006

“Looping” an audio file with Sox, Lame and mkfifo

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Today I needed a very long (3 hour) MP3 audio file to use for an experiment; a test file with some music on it. My first thought was to start a MP3 audio recorder, turn on the radio, and leave for 3 hours. But impatience is among the three great virtues of a programmer, so […]

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Mar 31 2006

Make a DVD with ffmpeg

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For a project we have going at Oasis Digital, we have explored various libraries for creating video DVDs from computer-generated content until program/script control. There are quite a few ways to do this; one that is appealing for a command-line junkie is the combination of ffmpeg, dvdauthor, and mkisofs. It took considerable research to figure […]

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Mar 29 2006

Ruby OpenGL, Kororaa Xgl

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Last night at the question came up of how to contruct GUIs with Ruby. I mentioned that I think there is a lot to be gained by using the high performance graphics hardware APIs, which are mostly used for games, in business applications. This of course is not all that remarkable, since Java Swing […]

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