Ruby OpenGL, Kororaa Xgl

Last night at the question came up of how to contruct GUIs with Ruby. I mentioned that I think there is a lot to be gained by using the high performance graphics hardware APIs, which are mostly used for games, in business applications. This of course is not all that remarkable, since Java Swing has used DirectX for drawing for the last several years, and Windows “Vista” will use it for most of Windows itself. I’ll discuss this idea more in a later post; I’m investigating it here for a couple of Oasis Digital projects. On my list of tools to experiment with is Ruby + OpenGL; there is a RubyGarden page about it and another page here, unfortunately in Japanese. I found a ruby-talk post which indicates that it works quite well.

John McClenning pointed out Kororaa Xgl, a project which modified an X server to draw with the OpenGL API; there is a LiveCD of the Kororaa Linux distribution for trying this out. I’m downloading it now the torrent. Novell is also a sponsor of this effort.

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