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May 25 2008

On the Job Training

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I recently heard from a developer who worked on a project here for about one year, several years back. I won’t name or quote him directly; the essence of his message was: He learned a lot during that year. This learning was a turning point in his career. What he learned has proved lucrative. Of […]

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May 24 2008

Reading and Writing

Published under Technology

I have ongoing difficulty doing enough writing, for there is so much interesting material to read instead. Were this not true, you’d now be reading a longer and more informative post.

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May 21 2008

Playing to Win, Going Beyond the Call of Duty

Published under Business

I’m writing this up as advice to a rhetorical “you”, but it’s really written to a younger version of me. Imagine that you are working on a project for a customer (or employer), who has a weekly or monthly budget limit. You are paid by the hour, for up to N hours per week; or […]

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May 11 2008

Please, Use a Web Application Framework

Published under Business

Historically I have not been a fan of “frameworks”, and I have often repeated the following joke: What’s the difference between an application and a framework? An application is something a customer actually wants! However, for some applications, I recommend use of an application framework. For some Oasis Digital projects, I require it: Please, Use […]

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Jan 14 2008

Is Delphi Dead? No.

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A few months ago Alex Miller pointed me to this Delphi doom article (the site appears to be down at the moment), which reminded me to post about the same topic. Here goes. Delphi shipped in 1995, and its demise has been declared frequently since 1997 or so. In a sense this demise is true, […]

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Oct 31 2007

Great Developers, Projects That Sound Boring

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I’ve been a fan of Joel Spolsky for years, though I haven’t agreed with everything he’s written, and even mocked him a bit. Joel has written at length on his web site and in print about attracting the best developers, and one aspect of that has bothered me: How do you attract top developers to […]

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