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Oct 16 2007

Distributed Version Control for the Other 80%

Published under Technology

Ben Collins-Sussman, one of the key developers behind Subversion, argues in Version Control and the 80% that distributed version control will remain a niche interest, and will not move in to the mainstream (as his favorite tool certainly has). He has a number of good reasons to back up this thesis. I think he’s wrong. […]

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Oct 16 2007

Growing a Language, by Guy Steele

Published under Technology

This is an oldie-but-goodie: Guy Steele’s “Growing a Language” talk from OOPSLA 1998. It is amazing to me that Guy, whose is something of a legend in language design, and who thinks so clearly about what makes a good language, was also key in designing Java. Java has been extremely slow to grow in the […]

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Oct 01 2007

Fix It So It Stays Fixed: An Example

Published under Technology

A recurring theme in our projects is a desire to “fix things so they stay fixed”. I have in mind writing about that idea in detail later, but for now I’ll start with an example of how to do so. A common and useful thing to do with disk storage space is to keep old […]

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Aug 18 2007

Fourteen Tools for a Productive Distributed Team

Published under Business

A geographically distributed software development team (“distributed team”, for short) is simply one where developers don’t work in close physical proximity (within a few hundred feet). In such a time you interact mostly via electronic means. To some readers a distributed team will sound like an obviously ridiculous idea, while to others it will sound […]

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Aug 04 2007

My name is Kyle, and I’m an Infoholic

Published under Life

I recently read Tim Ferriss’s book The Four Hour Work Week, colloquially called 4HWW. The book is short, dense with ideas, and easily worth the $12 price. I recommend the book in spite of: Questions about the veracity of Ferriss’s claimed accomplishments Criticisms that some of his techniques are not as broadly applicable as he […]

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Jul 12 2007

YouTube Scalability Talk

Published under Business

Cuong Do of YouTube / Google recently gave a Google Tech Talk on scalability. I found it interesting in light of my own comments on YouTube’s 45 TB a while back. Here are my notes from his talk, a mix of what he said and my commentary: In the summer of 2006, they grew from […]

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