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May 03 2007

Excellent JavaScript talk from Yahoo

Published under Technology

Over at Yahoo Video you can watch an excellent talk by Doug Crockford on JavaScript (part 1). (part 2, part 3, part 4) This is likely the best introduction to JavaScript I have seen, and worthwhile even if you’ve been using JS for years. Why does JavaScript matter? 1) It is ubiquitous now (in nearly […]

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Apr 11 2007

High Quality Screen Recordings

Published under Technology

At Oasis Digital we’ve found that we can communicate effectively with each other and with customers, across time and space, using screen + audio recording (also called screencasts or screen videos). We use these to demonstrate a new feature, to explain how code works, to described how a new feature should work, etc. The communication […]

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Mar 15 2007

Google Tech Talks

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Google, a mecca for top notch programmers, attracts many top speakers to give talks on (generally) technical topics. They graciously record these talks and upload them to Google Video. You can get a list of most of them by searching for “engEDU”. Think of these as virtual user group talks, but usually with bigger […]

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Jan 09 2007

I have seen the future, and it runs OSX

Published under Technology

iPhone: Wow It’s a phone. It’s a PDA. It’s an iPod. It’s a widescreen video iPod. It has zero physical buttons, rather the whole front is a multi-touch-screen. I’ll leave the rest of the raving to the many other sites doing a great job of that. The real innovation of this new device is the […]

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Aug 30 2006

YouTube’s 45 Terabytes… no big deal?

Published under Business

Over at the Wall Street Journal and Micro Persuasion and and a bunch of other places, a big deal is being made of the YouTube’s estimated 45 Terabytes worth of video. It is “about 5,000 home computers’ worth”. Ouch, 45 Terabytes! Wow! Or maybe not… consider the mathematics. 45 TB really isn’t all that […]

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Apr 16 2006

Intel Integrated Performance Primitives Bewilderment

Published under Technology

I’ve been evaluating Intel’s Integrated Performance Primitives, a set of libraries for low-level signal processing and image manipulation. These appear to be very well engineered at the lowest levels, but the packaging is a mess, as I’ll describe below. The point of these libraries is that they use the various enhanced CPU instruction sets (MMX, […]

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