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Jan 10 2009

Very slick video dragging

Published under Technology

Brett Rampata pointed out this very slick “Direct Manipulation of Video” demo video: Here is a more explanatory video from the same project: I’m curious how difficult it was to create that behavior. I’m confident that our customers (we build a variety of video applications for our customers at Oasis Digital) would be thrilled by […]

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Oct 16 2007

Growing a Language, by Guy Steele

Published under Technology

This is an oldie-but-goodie: Guy Steele’s “Growing a Language” talk from OOPSLA 1998. It is amazing to me that Guy, whose is something of a legend in language design, and who thinks so clearly about what makes a good language, was also key in designing Java. Java has been extremely slow to grow in the […]

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Jul 12 2007

YouTube Scalability Talk

Published under Business

Cuong Do of YouTube / Google recently gave a Google Tech Talk on scalability. I found it interesting in light of my own comments on YouTube’s 45 TB a while back. Here are my notes from his talk, a mix of what he said and my commentary: In the summer of 2006, they grew from […]

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Jul 05 2007

Pipe RGB data to ffmpeg

Published under Technology

A while back I asked on the ffmpeg mailing list how to pipe RGB data in to ffmpeg. I described it as follows: in my code I am building video frames, 720x480x24bit. I have in mind generating a large number of these, as long as a full DVD worth at 30fps, then using ffmpeg (followed […]

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May 26 2007

TEDTalks – Ideas Worth Spreading – Video Worth Watching

Published under Life

TED is an annual conference at which a bunch of (hopefully?) remarkable people say remarkable things. I’m using the word in a Seth Godin sort of way: remarkable things are those which inspire people to literally remark about them. It appears to be “A-list” event, meaning that I’m not likely to make the cut anytime […]

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May 17 2007

Linus Torvalds explains distributed source control

Published under Technology

On several occasions over the last year, I’ve pointed out that distributed source control tools are dramatically better than centralized tools. It’s quite hard for me to explain why. This is probably because of sloppy and incomplete thinking on my part, but it doesn’t help that most of the audiences / people I’ve said this […]

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