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May 26 2007

Java Documentation in a Windows HTMLHelp (CHM) file

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The Java software development kit documentation can be downloaded from, in the form of a ZIP file with tens of thousands of linked HTML file. This seems like an ideal canonical form for this documentation, but it is inconvenient to use, and inconvenient to have so many files sitting around. If your development machine […]

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May 10 2007

Selling your Software as a Service: Notes and Audio

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At the St. Louis Code Camp on May 5, 2007, I gave a talk on Selling Your Software as a Service, in which I discussed our experiences selling a complex (Java) “enterprise” application in that manner. The room was much more crowded than I expected, it was exciting to have an eager group. As with […]

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May 03 2007

Excellent JavaScript talk from Yahoo

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Over at Yahoo Video you can watch an excellent talk by Doug Crockford on JavaScript (part 1). (part 2, part 3, part 4) This is likely the best introduction to JavaScript I have seen, and worthwhile even if you’ve been using JS for years. Why does JavaScript matter? 1) It is ubiquitous now (in nearly […]

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Apr 07 2007

St. Louis Code Camp, May 5 2007

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It’s time for the second (annual) St. Lous Code Camp on May 5, 2007. There’s no actual camping (unlike some other ___ camps out there), just one day of sessions. Think of it as a mini-conference. See Brian’s announcement for more details. If you’ve been thinking of giving user group talks and never gotten around […]

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Jan 20 2007

A/B Technique for Web Application Deployment

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This description of my “A/B technique for web application deployment” was transcribed from audio, so it less tight, more verbose than my normal prose. I chose to post it in rough form, rather than leave it on the “back burner” until an unknown future date when I have time to rewrite it. I first explained […]

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Nov 10 2006

Java Scripting Talk – Code, Notes, and Audio

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Last night (9 Nov 2006) at the St. Louis Java User Group, I gave a talk on “Scripting Your Java Application”. As I mentioned, there were no slides, but rather a handout, the text of which is pasted below. You can download the handout (a tight, one page PDF), the code, audio of the talk […]

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