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Sep 17 2006

Fresh Windows Install, Ouch

Published under Technology

A few hours ago I started with a fresh Windows XP Home install for a computer for my family. I’m still going.  I have lost count of how many times I have had to reboot the machine then get a new round of updates to install.  It is ludicrous. Modern Linux distributions are far superior […]

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Sep 06 2006

Dreamhost Out, TextDrive In

Published under Technology

You might have noticed that this site is much faster than it used to be. The reason? I moved it from DreamHost to TextDrive. TextDrive costs more, its “control panel” is not as good as DreamHost’s, and its bandwidth/storage limits are lower. But my site is far faster, hasn’t had any downtime or email downtime […]

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Sep 01 2006

Joel, you have got to be kidding

Published under Business

Joel seems to “play it safe” … then goes off the deep end of irony in his final paragraph: “FogBugz is written in Wasabi, a very advanced, functional-programming dialect of Basic with closures and lambdas and Rails-like active records that can be compiled down to VBScript, JavaScript, PHP4 or PHP5. Wasabi is a private, in-house […]

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