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Oct 21 2008

Multicast your DB backups with UDPCast

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At work we have a set of database machines set up so that one is the primary machine, making backups once per day, and several other machines restore this backup once per day, for development, ad hoc reporting, and other secondary purposes. We started out with an obvious approach: back up on server1, to a […]

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Oct 19 2008

Network / System Monitoring Smorgasbord

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At one of my firms (a Software as a Service provider), we have a Zabbix installation in place to monitor our piles of mostly Linux servers. Recently we look a closer look at it and and found ample opportunities to monitor more aspects, of more machines and device, more thoroughly. The prospect of increased investment […]

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Apr 18 2008

RocketModem Driver Source Package for Debian / Ubuntu

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A couple of months ago I posted about using the current model Comtrol RocketModem IV with Debian / Ubuntu Linux. Ubuntu/Debian includes an older “rocket” module driver in-the-box, which works well for older RocketModem IV cards. But for the newest cards, it does not work at all. The current RocketModem IV is not recognized by […]

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Jan 20 2007

A/B Technique for Web Application Deployment

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This description of my “A/B technique for web application deployment” was transcribed from audio, so it less tight, more verbose than my normal prose. I chose to post it in rough form, rather than leave it on the “back burner” until an unknown future date when I have time to rewrite it. I first explained […]

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