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May 21 2008

Playing to Win, Going Beyond the Call of Duty

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I’m writing this up as advice to a rhetorical “you”, but it’s really written to a younger version of me. Imagine that you are working on a project for a customer (or employer), who has a weekly or monthly budget limit. You are paid by the hour, for up to N hours per week; or […]

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May 11 2008

Please, Use a Web Application Framework

Published under Business

Historically I have not been a fan of “frameworks”, and I have often repeated the following joke: What’s the difference between an application and a framework? An application is something a customer actually wants! However, for some applications, I recommend use of an application framework. For some Oasis Digital projects, I require it: Please, Use […]

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Jan 13 2008

Optimize Hierarchy Queries with a Transitive Closure Table

Published under Technology

Last year I posted about the use of a Joe Celko-style nested set hierarchy representation, for fast hierarchy queries. Here I will describe another approach which is simpler to query, but more wasteful of space. I did not invent this transitive closure approach, I learned of it from several directions: Celko wrote about it as […]

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Jan 10 2008

Shoes, a new Ruby GUI toolkit

Published under Technology

Last year I gave a talk on Ruby GUI toolkits, and concluded that none of those I looked at were compellingly slick or mature. There is a new player on the field now (thus certainly not mature, but interesting nonetheless): Shoes, from why the lucky stiff. Shoes creates native applications with a Web feel. It […]

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Oct 31 2007

Great Developers, Projects That Sound Boring

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I’ve been a fan of Joel Spolsky for years, though I haven’t agreed with everything he’s written, and even mocked him a bit. Joel has written at length on his web site and in print about attracting the best developers, and one aspect of that has bothered me: How do you attract top developers to […]

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Oct 16 2007

Growing a Language, by Guy Steele

Published under Technology

This is an oldie-but-goodie: Guy Steele’s “Growing a Language” talk from OOPSLA 1998. It is amazing to me that Guy, whose is something of a legend in language design, and who thinks so clearly about what makes a good language, was also key in designing Java. Java has been extremely slow to grow in the […]

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