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Oct 20 2008

Rhino + JavaScript + Swing, Look Ma No Java

Published under Technology

A while back I was discussing the future of programming languages with a colleague, and we agreed that for all its foibles, JavaScript will continue to enjoy very wide and increasing use in the coming years. I wrote last year about Steve Yegge’s hints that JavaScript is the “next big languages”, see that post for […]

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Oct 19 2008

Ease of Installation: DokuWiki, PHP, files

Published under Technology

In the past I’ve installed MediaWiki, ruwiki, git-wiki, and several other Wiki implementations (Perl, and Java implementations), with varying degrees of effort. For example, ruwiki required considerable gymnastics to get the right Ruby libraries in place on the machine I hosted it on, MediaWiki required a database, etc. Ruby libraries, databases, JVMs, and the like […]

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Oct 12 2008

Webby – Client-side, static content management system

Published under Technology

This afternoon I rebuilt using Webby, stripping out hand-coded HTML and replacing it with much more maintainable Markdown. The site looks about the same as before (which is to say, mediocre), but under the hood it is much easier to update. We intend to use this new ease, to move forward in improving it. […]

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Aug 26 2008

TDD, Still in Style?

Published under Technology

Test Driven Development doesn’t seem to be in style today to the extent it was a few years ago. I think that’s a shame, because TDD is among the most powerful ideas I’ve come across to boost the quality of the software we deliver. At Oasis Digital we even use it in unusual places, like […]

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May 26 2008

Start with a Prototype

Published under Business

I have often given the advice to start each project with an end to end working first draft, also known as an evolutionary prototype, and sometimes I have even followed this advice myself. My own projects have been most successful when following it, such as in three projects that come to mind: A 6+ year […]

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May 25 2008

On the Job Training

Published under Business

I recently heard from a developer who worked on a project here for about one year, several years back. I won’t name or quote him directly; the essence of his message was: He learned a lot during that year. This learning was a turning point in his career. What he learned has proved lucrative. Of […]

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