Aug 26 2008

TDD, Still in Style?

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Test Driven Development doesn’t seem to be in style today to the extent it was a few years ago. I think that’s a shame, because TDD is among the most powerful ideas I’ve come across to boost the quality of the software we deliver. At Oasis Digital we even use it in unusual places, like this Palm application we develop for a customer:

This application forms the core of our customer’s business; they sell it at a commercial product to their customers, who use it in high-pressure situations. Over 4 major versions and 4+ years, there been remarkably few bugs or other issues found “in the field”, which I credit to:

  • Use of automated testing
  • An overall level of care and attention to quality

The second item alone is not enough. To achieve quality you need to do more than have the right intentions and work hard. You need to do the right things.

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