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Apr 08 2006

Why I will also never deploy with Java Web Start again

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Keith Lea pointed out that he will never deploy with Java Web Start again. With Web Start in its current form, he’s be deploying with it long before I will use it again.  “Never” is much too soon.. here is why, echoing and expanding on Keith’s experiences. Some of these things are not Web Start’s […]

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Mar 24 2006

Rhino and Web Start

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We discovered today that by default, Rhino (the Mozilla project’s Java-based JavaScript interpreter) does not work inside of a Web-Start-launched application; it fails with a permission error due to loading of dynamically created classes. After a few minutes of furious searching, it seems that there are surprisingly few mentions of this issue, which affects lots […]

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Mar 23 2006

Hints at Win32 Deprecation

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I just read today (wow, where have I been?) about the issue with Win32 binaries under the (delayed) Vista version of Windows – most notably, that Win32 binaries will need to be signed, otherwise they will provide a, er, “downlevel” user experience. A proposed workaround is to code to another runtime environment (.NET, Java, Ruby, […]

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Mar 21 2006

To Wrap, or Not To Wrap (Jemmy)

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Yesterday I mentioned a talk by Mike Feathers about API design.  One of the topic of API wrapping, which we do frequently here at Oasis Digital, for a variety of reasons. By coincidence, today the question came up of whether we should wrap the API of Jemmy, a Swing GUI testing tool.  Our natural inclination […]

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Mar 20 2006

Michael Feathers at XPSTL

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This evening at XPSTL, Michael Feathers (blog) (book) was in from out of town (and from around the world) and gave a talk on API design. He’s been thinking a lot about API design recently, driven by issues that come up with working with legacy code, which talks to lots of APIs, to cajole it […]

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Mar 14 2006

The J2EE / Rails / TurboGears / etc. Video

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Lots of people are linking to this excellent video (presentation and screencast) by Sean Kelly at JPL (380 megabyte, 30+ minutes, worth it): Watch it all the way through. Wow. It’s a little over-the-top in its J2EE example; but the disparity is still stark… and near to my heart as we have a time […]

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