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Mar 14 2006

Incompressible Java, PI day

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Weiqi Gao reminded me that today is “PI Day”; that along wouldn’t warrant a post here, but the Java snippet for estimating the value of PI rather inefficiently, did:

The inefficiency of the PI estimate didn’t bother me – rather it was the inefficiency of the text of the program. This is a a […]

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Mar 14 2006

.NET Traction at Microsoft?

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According to this article from Richard Grimes, it appears that .NET has not gained as much traction inside Microsoft as anticipated: “My conclusion is that Microsoft has lost its confidence in .NET. They implement very little of their own code using .NET. The framework is provided as part of the operating system, but this […]

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Sep 09 2005

Direct Manipulation Java Swing GUI Talk

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At the St. Louis Java User Group meeting on Sep. 8, 2005, I gave a talk on building “Direct Manipulation” user interfaces with Java Swing. Here are the slide and code from that talk. The slides are quite limited, as the talk was spent almost entirely in the code – this is the kind of […]

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Aug 31 2004

JAR Bloat

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I am surprised at how large the main client application JAR file is on my current Java project. I have a pile of source code which I have written over the last few months; it contains no generated code and no outside code (that stuff is in other jars). This body of code results in […]

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Apr 26 2004

SD 2004 Disconnected Data Handling Talk – Slides Available

Published under Presentations

At SD2004, I gave a talk on data handling in disconnected mode (mobile / wireless) applictions. The ideas here apply to wireless / mobile applications running on notebook PCs, PDAs, even smaller devices like “SmartPhones”. Slides: sd04_disconnected.ppt Source Code:

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Nov 21 2003

More Bowling

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In my last post, I presented an enhancement to a "bowling score calculator" problem being discussed on the Extreme Programming Mailing List. My solution extended a not-very-OO solution presented here; though not object oriented, it was short and clear. I generally write intensively OO code, so I found this interesting. A contention on the list, […]

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