Incompressible Java, PI day

Weiqi Gao reminded me that today is “PI Day”; that along wouldn’t warrant a post here, but the Java snippet for estimating the value of PI rather inefficiently, did:

[weiqi@gao] $ cat
public class PI {
public static void main(String[] args) {
double sum = 0.0d;
for (int i = 1; i < 64000; i++) {
sum += 6.0/(i*i);
[weiqi@gao] $ javac
[weiqi@gao] $ java PI

The inefficiency of the PI estimate didn't bother me - rather it was the inefficiency of the text of the program. This is a a good example of the "incompressibility" of Java; there are a lot of words and symbols in there. Contrast that with a bit of Ruby:

ruby -e "print (1..64000).inject(0.0) { | sum, i | sum + 6.0 / (i*i) } ** 0.5"


The difference in the answer is from the different underying floating point data types. The textual difference is easy to talk your way around for a small program like this. But we've found that as our applications grow, the amount of Java code grows at a frightening rate compared to the functionality therein. We work around that with great tools (Eclipse, IDEA), and accept it as a trade off to the strong library support and abundance of developers. But the language itself...