Direct Manipulation Java Swing GUI Talk

At the St. Louis Java User Group meeting on Sep. 8, 2005, I gave a talk on building “Direct Manipulation” user interfaces with Java Swing. Here are the slide and code from that talk. The slides are quite limited, as the talk was spent almost entirely in the code – this is the kind of talk I prefer to give, with a lot of technical depth crammed in to the time allotted. Unfortunately this makes it somewhat less useful for people who weren’t at the talk; I’ve thought of making a “screencast” of the presentation for that reason.

Source Code and Presentation:

Update: The sample code that got the most attention was the “flying boxes” code in the swingtalk.ordering package; you can try it now via Web Start.

Update: I presented this code again at the St. Louis Code Camp on May 5, 2007. Alex Miller picked it up and revamped it to use the new Swing Application Framework stuff coming (most likely) in Java 7.

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