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Jan 29 2010

To the Clouds and Back (Cloud User Group talk)

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On Jan. 21, I gave one of the talks at the inaugural St. Louis Cloud Computing User Group meeting. I don’t think there is any video or audio (I forgot my audio recorder), but the slides are on SlideShare: To the Clouds and Back from Kyle Cordes or for download as a PDF.

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Jan 28 2010

iPad: Yet Another Opinion

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Here are my initial, general thoughts about the much-hyped iPad. Clearly the world doesn’t need another blog post about this, but it sets the stage for something coming next. As many have observed, iPad is most easily summarized as a larger iPod Touch, plus some of the mobile data capability of an iPhone. Although this […]

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Dec 16 2009

Unrealistic Cost Expectations, and How to Fix Them

Published under Technology

I suppose there have been hiring companies with wildly unrealistic cost expectations forever; the internet just makes it more visible. Take, for example, this job post for PostgreSQL expert, which I republish here for criticism and comment, anonymized: We are looking for a postgre expert with indepth Oracle skill to help with the following project: […]

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Nov 30 2009

Massive Parallelism and Microslices

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I just read James Hamilton’s comments on “Microslice” servers, which are very low-power, but high CPU-to-wattage ratio servers. As he explains in detail, at scale the economics of this design are compelling. In some ways, of course, this is the opposite of another big trend going on, which is consolidation through virtualization. I reconcile these […]

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Nov 15 2009

I Went In a Boy, I Came Out a Man

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Not really, it just seemed like the sort of over-the-top thing a rabid Mac fan might say. But I did replace my main Windows PC with a MacBook Pro. I’ve used Apple products occasionally over the decades, going all the way back to the Apple II, IIe, IIgs, and orignal 1984 Macintosh. I’m not “switching”, but rather adding; our […]

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Nov 12 2009

Business of Software 2009: Excellent

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I just returned from the Business of Software 2009 conference, and can summarize it as excellent. Here are some thoughts on specific bits of it, mostly interesting to people who were there. Geoffrey Moore’s opening talk was an early highlight of the conference; I’ve often been disappointed when a well-known person from somewhat outside a […]

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