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Sep 03 2010

Apple is Building a Bigger Footprint

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I’ve seen a lot of people writing (whining?) about being unimpressed by some of the new Apple products/features announced at their event this week. These folks are missing Apple’s strategy. Several of Apple’s new gizmos are laying a foundation and pointing down an obvious path for their products: iTunes-Ping Social Network It doesn’t integrate with […]

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Apr 14 2010

The Much-Discussed Apple iPhone 4.0 beta TOS

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As I write this in April 2010, Apple has just released a beta iPhone 4.0 SDK with the following rather alarming addition to the legal terms (at least according to many web sites; I haven’t seen it directly from Apple yet): 3.3.1 — Applications may only use Documented APIs in the manner prescribed by Apple […]

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Apr 10 2010

Apple, Cut That Cord

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As I think back to opening up my new iPad, two things stand out. First, the product packaging is delightfully minimal. It does not even contain media with the iTunes software, instead explaining that the first step is to download iTunes. Second, a new iPad does not work at all until syncing it with a […]

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Apr 06 2010

My iPad is (unfortunately, mostly) a toy

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Some pundits have declared the iPad a “toy”, or suited only for content consumption. I disagreed with the latter a few days ago, and I think it will have some very interesting business uses. If I come up with a sufficiently novel one, Oasis Digital might implement it. But sadly I must mostly agree, for […]

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Apr 05 2010

iPad: Not Only for Content Consumption

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Like 300,000 other people, I have a shiny new iPad in hand. Here is my very short review: Apple is going to sell a huge pile of these things. Expanding on that… Lots of other companies are going to sell an enormous pile of apps for the iPad. From the point of view of a […]

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Jan 28 2010

iPad: Yet Another Opinion

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Here are my initial, general thoughts about the much-hyped iPad. Clearly the world doesn’t need another blog post about this, but it sets the stage for something coming next. As many have observed, iPad is most easily summarized as a larger iPod Touch, plus some of the mobile data capability of an iPhone. Although this […]

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